Planing your professional headshot session | Chattanooga advertising photography and portraiture 

  • OUTFITS:  The session fee includes one outfit.  Additional outfits can be added on for $30 each.  Bring several outfits if your not sure which would be best.  Often times, choice of outfit will be based on several factors including usage, website design, background choice and most importantly, the message you are trying to communicate.   Call for a free phone consult beforehand to get a good idea of what outfits may be best for your portrait.
  • TIME:  I recommend planning on spending a minimum of 20 minutes for your headshot session.  If your time schedule allows, I will shoot as long as we need to.  I want you to be prepared to commit to enough time to do the job correctly. It can take a little time for most people to become accustomed to being in front of the camera.  My job will be to help you relax, be yourself and coach you though a series of expressions and poses.  As we go along, I’ll be happy to show you some images to give you an idea of how things are going.  Its not always a big cheesy smile that makes the best portrait.  We will try some things that work and we will try some things that don’t work.  Ultimately, its part of the creative process to creating what I hope will be the best portraits you’ve ever had taken.
  • GLASSES: Some eye glasses are not a problem and some are.  The issue is glare…that bright white reflection you see in some photos with glasses. Not all glasses are the same in this regard.   To be on the absolute safe side, you could go to your optometrist and have him take the lenses out of a spare pair of glasses or supply you with some empty frames.    It is possible to light you in such a way as to avoid glass glare, but this may not be the most attractive lighting for your face.  If you have the antiglare coating on your glasses,  this can help immensely and might eliminate the problem altogether.
  • BACKGROUNDS:    I have several compact backgrounds I can bring on location.  My favorite and most versatile backgrounds are gray, black and white.  These are very clean and result in a very versatile image that can be used in a variety of  environments.   My other favorite background is often what I find at a clients location.  There is nothing better and more appropriate than the subtle nuance of a clients own working environment to lend a personal unique look to your portrait.  I almost always prefer that the backgrounds be simple and uncluttered so that the focus remains on you.
  • WHERES THE TOP OF MY HEAD!  You might have noticed that the  tops of heads are often cut off in the samples that I show. Traditional actor/model head shots almost always crop off the top of the head as it puts more attention on the parts of the face that communicate with the viewer. Viewers will know to top of your head is there. Regardless, I will be happy to shoot uncropped upon request.
  • YOUR TEAM: Do you have  a team that need great headshots?   Great!  We can work together.   Companies with a large number of team members are charged an hourly rate.  How many persons you want to cram into a day is up to you.  The first hour is $299 and each additional hour is $99.  Depending on your needs, we can spend more or less time with each individual.  Just realize that with more time spent per person, the better the finished result.   I recommend a minimum of 10 minutes per person.   For a 1 hour shoot, you could probably average 6 persons for an average cost per person of $50.  Now thats a big savings.
  • CHINY CHIN CHIN:  Have a double chin? How bout a triple chin? Not to worry! I know several tricks to help you look your best.
  • I NEED THEM YESTERDAY!:  Great!  Just let me know ahead of time if you need them the same day.  I’ll be happy to help you choose your images after the session on my laptop and give them to you the same day.  Otherwise, normal turnaround is 1-3 days for your online proofing gallery.   The retouched images will take another 5-7 business days and will be delivered via email.